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Age of Sigmar is not the Starter Set of the 9th Edition. It will be a Board Game like Space Hulk or Execution Force and with this Set, the Releases of the 9th Edition will begin.

Box set will be chaos faction vs human faction. There are armoured warriors in a way like chaos warriors but on the side of order. There is a small rules book / pamphlet included. Models are on round bases.As Harry said the human faction is not going to be just "sigmar knights". And the chaos is a mix of khorne models with warriors and demons and a pretty cool character model

Chaos is Khorne and the humans are Sigmarines... I mean Holy warriors/warriors of sigmar..whatever. (EDIT: So the contents posted above sounds about right) Contents very similar to the recent 40K boxes ... nothing like the big box games of the past. Tiny rulebook/pamphlet. ... heard this from various different sources over a period of months ... even before the new look 40K boxes appeared.


9:th edition is coming out this summer.

Round bases is a go, you will be able to play with Square bases, but after 9:th edition hits, Everything will be sold with round bases.

Everything will be able to skirmish, but many units will be able to rank up as well, GW will releasemovement trays made for this

Unbound will exist, as will bound lists, basically what he told me is that it´s what the public wants, however to avoid powergaming there will be scenarios which require you to hold objectives etc etc & units in an unbound army can´t hold an objective as long as an enemy is within x inches, while bound armies can. He said something about getting bonus points for killing the enemy commander as well, something unbound armies couldn´t get. So they will encourage both styles but in different ways.

He only confirmed one new faction, which was humans, he said it will basically be Empire + Bretonnia & some new troops. He was very clear about no army being squatted though.


May 23 – Cult Mechanicus (final week-3, Eldar Army box in here somewhere)
May 30 – Space Marines (week-1)
June 6 – Space Marines (week-2)
June 13 – Space Marines (week-3)
June 20 – Dark Angels (week-1)
June 27 – WFB 9th Releases begin


– WFB 9th is simply called “Warhammer’

– New rules provide for two games in one:

A ) A small scale game with few models

B ) A full scale game like the previous WFB

– The small scale game has heavy limitations on models that can be used such as exotic units and units that would be unbalancing at a small scale.

– Triple book format with rules and history split up ~Editor, this sounds like the current 40K format

– Round bases

– June 20th

– 6 Factions

– Game picks up after the End Times series, taking it into account.

20/05/2015 - warhammer world picture


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